First step of the 1,000 mile journey…

So I have created a blog. In all honesty I’ve never really been a “blogger” or even journal keeper. In fact with the exception of the last four years, in which I embraced social media as a means to continue communicating with a growing list of friends, there is less than a dozen picture of me between 20 and 30 years old. Now don’t start thinking of me as an awkward hermit scared of the daylight and women. It is quite the opposite. I work and live outside (well not “live” really, I have a nice condo that I keep at about 68 degrees…it’s hot in Texas). In my rare off time (it is a bit rare as of late due to the fact that work takes up about 80-100 hours of every week) I love nothing more than being with friends over a neat scotch and a fine cigar, listening to the kids and all their new fan dangle music and hip hops and youtubes and what have yous. Hell, get a few drinks in me and I may regale and terrify and awe you with tales of old world mysticism, Apache legends and dark places that still ebb and flow with the unknown. I love a good story. Which brings us to why this blog now exist. My friend Stacey decided to start a horror review blog and asked if I would contribute. Since I am a fan of talking to anyone who will listen I agreed. Well one thing led to another, and lo and behold we started contributing to another website. Before I even knew what happened that new place asked me to start a blog. And so here we are. I just realized I could have just said the last two sentences and it would have explained the entire purpose of this place. But like I said, I love a good story. To borrow the words of a favorite writer,”come along with me, will ya not.”



Ma face